Bulk Delete Post Meta Pro

This addon adds the ability to delete post meta fields, also known as custom fields (that are stored in the wp_postmeta table) based on the meta value. The free version of Bulk Delete plugin allows you to delete post meta fields based on meta key alone, but this addon adds the ability to delete the meta fields based on both meta key and value. In addition to that, this addon also allows you to schedule automatic deletion of post meta fields.

You can delete post meta fields based on the following filters.

  • Delete all meta fields whose value matches the given value. The following comparison operators are supported.
    • equal to
    • not equal to
    • less than
    • less than or equal to
    • greater than
    • greater than or equal to
    • like
    • not like
  • The meta value to be compared can belong to any of the following data type
    • Char (string)
    • Numeric
    • Decimal
    • Signed
    • Unsigned
    • Date
    • DateTime
    • Time
    • Binary

The meta field key can be matched based on prefix or postfix.

In addition to the above options you can also choose the following filters

  • Restrict post meta fields to a specific post type
  • Restrict meta fields based on the date the post was published
  • Delete meta fields only from the first x posts


The meta fields can be deleted immediately or can be scheduled for automatic deletion.



This addon requires at least v5.4 or above of Bulk Delete plugin.

Current version: 1.0.0
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