Perform Bulk Operations Easily In WordPress

Bulk Delete is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily perform bulk operations like deleting posts, pages, users or custom fields based on various conditions. See the features section to find out the various operations and conditions that are supported.


Features at a glance

Action Perform Action Manually Schedule Action
Delete Posts From Trash Pro Addon N/A
Delete Posts By Category Free Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Tag Free Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Custom Taxonomy Free Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Custom Post Type Free Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Post Status Free Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Comment Count Free Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Custom Field Pro Addon Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Title Pro Addon Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Duplicate Title Pro Addon Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Content Pro Addon Pro Addon
Delete Posts By Attachment Pro Addon Pro Addon
Delete Posts By User Role Pro Addon Pro Addon
Delete Posts By URL Free N/A
Delete all Post Revision Free N/A
Delete Pages From Trash Pro Addon N/A
Delete Pages By Status Free Pro Addon
Delete Users By User Role Free Pro Addon
Delete Users By User Meta Free Pro Addon
Delete Attachments Pro Addon Pro Addon
Meta Fields
Delete Post Meta Fields Free Pro Addon
Delete User Meta Fields Free Pro Addon
Delete Comment Meta Fields Free Free
Taxonomy Terms
Delete Terms by Name Free N/A
Delete Terms by Post Count Free N/A
Other Items
Delete Jetpack Contact Messages Free Free
Bulk Delete Menu

Delete Almost Anything

Bulk Delete plugin has the ability to delete different types of entities present in WordPress

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Users
  • Custom Fields
  • Taxonomy Terms
  • Comments (coming soon)

Feature Rich

Posts can be deleted based on categories, tags, custom taxonomies, custom fields, titles, url, post status, custom post types etc. Users can be deleted based on user role or last login date. Pages can be deleted based on post status.


Filtering Options

In addition to the above conditions, lot of other filtering options are also available. Posts can be filtered based on post creation date or post visibility and can be deleted in batches as well. Users can be filtered based on their last login date.

Ability to schedule deletion

Pretty much all the delete operations can be scheduled to automatically run at predefined intervals. Schedules are triggered using the built-in WP-Cron. Once the schedules are created, they can be managed from the schedule list page.

Easy to install and use

All the modules are easy to use install and use. All you need to know is how to install a WordPress plugin.


There are about a dozen addons available that extend the plugin and provide additional filters and functionality. The following are some of the famous addons. You can checkout the entire list in the addons page.

Exceptional Support

We love our customers and we’re always glad to help you out if you have any problems with the plugin or any of its addons. We provide exceptional support and in-depth documentation to alleviate your issues as soon as possible.

If you still need help or have an idea for a new feature or addon, then you can post of them in our support section. We will always do their absolute best to help you with your debug and you’ll be on your way in no time.


With over 200,000 downloads, we have quite a few happy customers. The following are what some of our happy customers are saying.

Amazing plugin that allows make simple tasks (remove posts, users etc) with an incredible amount of settings and amazing flexibility! Also it’s has great and quick support from developer.


By Venique in WP Forum

This plug-in works great and in a matter of time, the 62,000+ posts that hackers placed on my website disappeared. I received emails of encouragement from the author of the program including offers of assistance. Now I can rebuild my website from the ground up.

By Katie in WP Forum

I needed this plugin for a site i run , but it turned out that the function i needed was not implemented , i wrote Sudar who answered very quickly and friendly back and within a few days the plugin was updated and it works perfectly

By stiandk in WP Forum

great plugin, works well and now even better for removing large number of posts. must have if u need to delete specific posts. also can remove older than x days, etc. top marks!

By dean_l in WP Forum

Thanks for this! I had a calendar plugin that made posts out of each event. Got rid of the plugin, but had about 2000 posts to dump (that, unfortunately, were all categorized such that I couldn’t just do a simple MySQL dump). This has saved me hours of time of manual deletion, and worked for me without a hitch. Brilliant!

By CDHein in WP Forum

Can’t Thank You Enough!

I had 2198 draft posts, all with videos that I needed to delete
(over 900mb) In order to optimize my site and get it unlocked by
my Host….

Finally sent a message to Host Gator…they replied with a script
to use, but on a whim, I Googled bulk delete posts and found You.

300 at a time is much quicker than using wp-admin and deleting 20
at a time.

I deleted all with tags, the categories and when none left started on the rest.

Also deleted 220 revisions….
Zero Drafts and Zero Revisions cluttering up my server.
Thank You….

By cararta in WP Forum

So what are you waiting for? Download our plugin today and start performing bulk operations in WordPress easily. If you need any help, we are always there to help you.