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    Don Quixote

    Plugin version: 5.5.0 & 5.5.1

    When using BulkWP » Bulk Delete Posts and choosing “Delete Posts By Category”

    When you choose your Post Type from the dropdown menu — the corresponding Categories DO NOT update to reflect the Categories that pertain to that Custom Post Type. Instead the list only reflects Blog Categories.

    In older versions of the plugin — this worked fine, allowing me to choose:

    Delete all Posts in [Custom Post Type] that are in [Custom Taxonomy] » [Taxonomy Term]

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    Hello Don,

    Thanks for reporting this. I think “Delete Posts by Category” never updated categories based on post type selection, but I will check it.

    It was in my todo list to change the list of categories that are displayed based on the post type. I will increase the priority for that.

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