Installing Addon

After you have bought an addon for the Bulk Delete plugin, you just have to follow the following simple steps to install and activate it. Also make sure you have the Bulk Delete plugin already installed, before following these steps.

Downloading the addon zip file

After you have bought an addon from our store, you will receive an email from us which has the link to download the addon and the license key. Just click the download link to download the addon(s).

Installing the addon

Once you have downloaded the addon zip file, navigate to your WordPress “Plugins” page, inside of your WordPress dashboard, and follow these instructions.

  1. Click the “Add New” link and then click the “Upload” link in the next page.
  2. Click the “Choose File” button and then select the zip file that you just downloaded.
  3. Click the “Install Now” button.

This will install the addon. If you have bought more than one addon, then you can follow the above steps again, to install the other addons.

Activating the license for automatic update

After installing the addon, you can activate the license key by following the below steps to set up automatic update.

  1. If the addon, is not activated already, then activate it from the plugins page.
  2. Select “Addon Licenses” menu item from the “Bulk Delete” menu in the admin page.
  3. Copy the license key for the addon from the receipt email and paste it in the license key input box.
  4. Click “Activate Licenses” button.

If you have entered a valid license key, then this will activate the license key and the addon will automatically get updates when an update is released.

If you need more help

If you are facing any problem in any of the above steps or have any more question, then post them in the support forum and we will get back to you.


  1. Thomas K

    I bought the Scheduler for Deleting Users by Role add-on for the Bulk Delete plugin. I followed the instructions to download the Zip file into the database and am getting an error message of installation failed, file already exists. When I go to the Addon Licenses page for the Bulk Delete to add the License Code there is no place to add the License Number. I assume there should be a place to add the License Number? Can you please help me with the installation of your add-on?

    • steve diaz

      Follow these steps:

      Installation Error: “File Already Exists”

      Deactivate Bulk Delete Scheduler add-on.
      Manually delete related files in wp-content/plugins/.
      Reinstall the add-on.
      Adding License Code:

      Activate the Bulk Delete Scheduler add-on.
      Look for a “License” or “Addon Licenses” option.
      Enter the license code.
      Reference link

      Thank you

  2. pablo cifuentes camacho

    Sorry but I have the same problem… I can’t find where paste the license…

  3. Maxime Breux

    Same issue.
    Where is the Activate Licenses” button!!!

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