Add a new cron schedule

All the scheduler add-ons support repeating an action based on a schedule. By default the add-ons will list the schedules that are available in the WordPress installation in the dropdown.

If you want a new schedule that is not listed in the dropdown, then it can be easily added to your WordPress installation using the free WP Crontrol plugin.

To add a new cron schedule, follow these steps.

  • Install the WP Crontrol plugin from WordPress plugin repo.
  • Go toSettingsCron Schedules
  • You can see the list of available Cron Schedules and option to add new ones.
  • Enter the internal name (unique and preferably lowercase without space between words)
  • Enter the interval in seconds. In our case we shall add a new Cron schedule with an interval of 5 minutes (i.e. 5 * 60 seconds = 300 seconds)
  • Enter the Display name. This can be descriptive.
  • Finally save the schedule by clicking the “Add Cron Schedule” button.

Once you’ve added the desired Cron schedule, you can again schedule the deletion based on the new schedule.

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