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    Chris Behnke

    I’m sure that this is pretty easy, but I just can’t seem to find in the documentation.

    What is the simple way to delete any user that has not logged in for 24 months or more.



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    Hello Chris,

    You can delete users based on logged-in date by going to the Bulk Delete users page available in the Bulk WP -> Bulk Delete Users menu.

    You can use the ‘Delete By User Role’ module and then select the user role and other values for the filter.

    But please note that the major requirement for deleting users by logged-in date is that you have the free Simple Login Log plugin active in the site for the duration that you want to delete the users for (in your case 2 years).

    This is because WordPress has no built-in way to record when the user last logged-in and my plugin uses the data captured by Simple Login Log plugin to do that.

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