Bulk Delete Version 5.4 Released

I just released v5.4 of Bulk Delete plugin. The major feature update to this new version is the ability to delete meta fields from posts, comments and users. In addition to that it also has support for a new addon that allows you to delete posts by whether an attachment is or not. As always, the update is available for download and install from the WordPress admin page.

Delete Meta Fields

In v5.4 I have added the ability to delete meta fields also knowns as custom fields from posts, comments and users. This will be really useful if your WordPress installation is old and over the time you have accumulated lot of these unwanted meta data by various plugins.

The free version allows you to delete meta fields based on meta key and the pro addons allows you to delete the meta fields based on value and allows you to schedule automatic deletion of them as well. Check out the screenshots below and you can find these pro addons in the store.

Delete Posts based on Attachment

In this release I have also added support for an addon that allows you to delete posts based on whether the post has an attachment or not. This will be useful if you are importing posts and the attachments are not imported properly.

Check out the screenshots below and you can learn more about the “Delete Posts by Attachment” addon from the store.

Other Enhancements

In addition to the above two major features this release also has a couple of other enhancements. The following are some of the important ones.

  • Prevent PHP from timing out while performing bulk operations
  • Enhanced JavaScript validation and error messages
  • Enhanced admin UI to support WordPress 4.0

You can find out the list of changes that went in this release at github.

What’s Next?

For the next release I am planning to add the following features.

  • Ability to delete comments
  • Ability to delete uses based on their profile information

You can follow the development of next release at github and meanwhile if you have a feature request then do let me know by creating a new ticket in github or by leaving a comment below. Till then enjoy bulk deleting 😉


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