Bulk Delete Version 5.3 Released

I just released v5.3 of Bulk Delete plugin. This new version adds the ability to delete Jetpack Contact Form messages and has support for two new addons. As always, the update is available for download and install from the WordPress admin page.

Delete Jetpack Contact Form Messages

In v5.3 of the plugin, I have added the ability to delete Jetpack plugin’s contact form messages. You can choose to delete all messages at once or delete them in batches or by date.

The pro version which is released as an addon adds support for filtering messages based on sender’s name, email address or ip and delete only the filtered messages. You can learn more about the addon and buy it from the store.

Scheduler Email Addon

Recently in the support forums there were a couple of people who had issues running the scheduler addons to delete posts or users. Mostly it was because of PHP running out of memory or problems in WP Cron which the scheduler addons use to trigger the deletion.

In v5.3 I have added support for a new addon called Scheduler Email which can send an email before or after any Bulk WP Scheduler job runs. This would be very useful if you are debugging any Bulk WP scheduler jobs or want to be notified when posts are deleted.

You can learn more about the addon and buy it from the store.

Other enhancements

In addition to the above two major features this release also has a couple of other enhancements and bug fixes.

You can find out the list of changes that went in this release at github.

Store Milestone

This past week Bulk WP store passed a major milestone. We just crossed 100 orders and to celebrate it I am giving out 10% discount on all orders till the end of this month. Simple use the code HAPPY100 at checkout to get 10% on all addons.

As always try out the new version and do let me know if you face any issues or have any feedback. Till then enjoy bulk deleting 😉

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