Bulk WP crossed 100 orders milestone

It’s been about two months since I opened up Bulk WP store and we just crossed 100 orders. I am very happy and excited about it and thought it would be the right time to thank the people behind the software that powers this website and the plugin.


First of all I would like to thank the team behind WordPress and the entire WordPress community. This entire site is powered by WordPress and even the plugins and addons that I have developed are all for WordPress. So without WordPress there is no Bulk WP 🙂

Easy Digital Downloads

Next I would like to thank the entire team behind the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, especially Pippin, the lead developer of EDD. Personally, he was a great inspiration and I got the very idea of selling WordPress plugins from him even though I have developed and releasing WordPress plugins for over 8 years now. Also EDD made it very easy for me to sell the plugins once I decided to do it.

If you are trying to sell WordPress plugin or theme then I highly recommend you to checkout EDD. It has tons of extensions and you could setup up your store and start selling stuff in a very short time.

Shop Front Theme

Next I would like to thank Sumobi for his excellent Shop Front WordPress theme. After I decided to use EDD to power the store I needed a theme that supports EDD and I thought of developing my own. Luckily I found Sumobi’s excellent Shop Front theme which is tightly integrated with EDD. I used it as my parent theme and developed my customizations on top of it. If I had not found his theme I would have ended up spending lot of time developing one from scratch.

Other Plugins

In addition to EDD, I am using the following plugins as well to power this site and I would like to thank the authors of these plugins.

Half of the plugins in the above list are also created by Pippin 🙂

If there is enough interest, then I may write a series of articles explaining how I built the entire site, store and the support forums using WordPress and plugins. Let me know if you would be interested.

My Customers

Finally I would also like to thank all my customers without whom this may not been possible. As a thank you to everyone, I am offering 10% off on all addons sold through this site till the end of August 31st, 2014. Simply use the code HAPPY100 at checkout.


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