Runs just before displaying the footer text in the “Schedules” admin page.

This action is primarily for adding extra content in the footer of “Schedules” admin page.

Available since v4.5

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  1. Lya Tom

    Will Midi Flick Haircut Be A New Trend In 2023?
    The midi flick haircut is an updated version of the 90s supermodel hairstyle, which has medium to long hair length with the ends turned up right over the shoulders for a retro look. It has the same elasticity and fullness, but even if midi flick haircut looks slightly messy, it has more texture compared with another medium to long hair. In recent days, we’ve seen a lot of the viral coastal grandmother aesthetic, and now it’s migrated to the midi flick haircut trend. The midi flick haircut has been brought to the fashion scene by many celebrity hair stylists and content creators as a rising trend in early 2023. There is no doubt that midi flick haircut will be a new trend in 2023.

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