Bulk Delete Version 5.0 Released

As I mentioned in the introductory post, I just released v5.0 of Bulk Delete Plugin. This new version packs in lot of new features and a new addon and is available for download and install from the WordPress admin page.

New Addon – Delete Posts by Duplicate Title

In v5.0 of the plugin, I have added a new addon that allows you to delete posts based on duplicate title. This will be useful if you have a lot of posts with duplicate title and you want to delete them.

You will have the option to choose the following for deleting posts

  • Delete posts with duplicate title that were created first (based on post_date field)
  • Delete posts with duplicate title that were created last (based on post_date field)
  • Delete posts with duplicate title that were modified first (based on post_modified field)
  • Delete posts with duplicate title that were modified last (based on post_modified field)

You can learn more about the addon and buy it from the store.

New Features

Apart from the new addon, v5.0 of the plugin includes the following major features.

License Handling and Automatic Updates

This is easily the single biggest feature in v5.0 of the plugin. I have introduced license handling for addons and now you can get automatic updates for all your addons directly from your WordPress admin page. The automatic updates would be seamless and will work in the same way like other plugins from WordPress plugin repo.

In order for automatic updates to work, you should update all your addons to v0.5 or higher. If you are an existing customer who has bought any addon less than version v0.5, then I have already send you an email with a discount code to get free version of the updated addon. Follow the instructions in the email to get v0.5 of your addons.

System Information for Debugging

Whenever people post support questions in the forum, the first couple of exchanges are usually about what version of PHP or WordPress or plugin they are using and the list of plugins they have installed etc. In order to help people to easily find this information and to reduce the time required for people to get supported, I have introduced a screen that displays the entire system information about the WordPress installation which people just save as a file and attach to their support requests.

This is how the system information page looks like and I am positive that this will reduce the about of time required for people to get help considerably.

System Info page in Bulk Delete Plugin

Grouped modules into different screen

I have also grouped all the different modules into separate screens, so that it is easy for people find the module that they are interested in. The menu looks like this now.


Filters for developers

This version also includes a lot of filters for developers to created addons for the plugin. If you are a developer and would like to create an addon for Bulk Delete plugin, then consult the Developer API section in the documentation.

As always try out the new version and do let me know if you face any issues or have any feedback. Till then enjoy bulk deleting 😉

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