Bulk Delete Version 5.1 Released

I just released v5.1 of Bulk Delete plugin. This new version fixes a couple of bugs that were introduced in v5.0 which was released last week and has support for a new addon. As always, the update is available for download and install from the WordPress admin page.

New Addon – Delete from Trash

In v5.1 of the plugin, I have added a new addon that allows you to delete posts and pages from trash. This will be useful if you have a lot of posts in trash and want to get rid of them.

You can delete based on the following criteria

  • Delete all posts from trash
  • Delete all posts based on their post type from trash
  • Delete all pages from trash

You can learn more about the addon and buy it from the store. Also the introductory offer is still in effect, which allows you to get 20% discount.

Bug Fixes

The following are some of the major bug fixes that went into this release

  • Added compatibility for PHP 5.2.4
  • Fixed a bug in validation that got introduced in v5.0 in “Delete by URL” module

You can look the complete list of changes in github.

As always try out the new version and do let me know if you face any issues or have any feedback. Till then enjoy bulk deleting 😉

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